Miscommunication costs small companies of 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year.
— Debra Hamilton

Huddles. Updates. Conference calls. Strategy sessions. Presentations.

Internal communications are an essential part of business. Done well, they drive innovation, spur employee engagement, break down silos, boost your employee net promotor score (eNPS), and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Done poorly and they’re a drain on productivity, profit, and morale.

The Professional Communicators work with companies large and small to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of internal meetings, including:

Meeting planning.jpg

Setting agendas and organizing content for efficiency and engagement

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Translating technical information into a language understood by all

football play_ss_570001135.jpg

Designing presentation game plans and approaches that are easily replicable and achieve results


Developing employee confidence, command, presence, and efficiency

Meetings should catalyze action not waste time.

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