How can the Professional Communicators help me?

Nail your next investment pitch, ace your next interview, shine in your next product presentation, be the most captivating keynote speaker, lead an optimal meeting, or guide your team to record results.  The central pillar supporting these diverse accomplishments is effective communication, and if it has to do with communication, we can help.  It’s our expertise.
Optimized internal communication makes program rollouts more successful, rallies employees around leadership, boosts the effectiveness of new initiatives, unites teams around a common vision, and lessens the fallout from the delivery of negative news.  
Polished external presentations attract and strengthen partnerships, encourage outside investment, widen your company’s client-base, and let you shape and deliver the narrative you want.

Why should I devote time to improving my communication skills?

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to capitalize on every opportunity to authentically connect with people, precisely convey the information you want your audience to absorb, and speak in a way that captivates them and holds their attention.
Communication is the heart of every organization, and each time you make an announcement, broadcast a message, deliver a presentation, send a video memo, appear at a conference, give an interview, or simply have a conversation, you are creating an impression. Clients, partners, investors, and the public are always watching, listening, and forming opinions of you and your organization. Capitalize on these opportunities by working with the Professional Communicators.

What do the Professional Communicators do?

We are presentation, media, and public speaking specialists.  We train executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, and everyone in-between to communicate more effectively and efficiently.  Whether you have to present one-on-one, in small groups, or to a packed arena, we will supercharge your success.  
We help clients perfect their public speaking presence, prepare for media interviews, write and edit high-stakes speeches and presentations, and implement systems to improve the delivery of internal and external communications.

I am not in Sales. Communication is not a formal part of my job. Why do I need to work with the Professional Communicators?

“Communication is the most important skill that any leader can possess.” 
--Richard Branson; billionaire, owner of an island, yada yada.
Communication may not be a line-item in your job description, but we’d bet you want to get ahead, make more money, and increase your personal and professional opportunities.  If there was ever a magic bullet to achievement, it’s improving your communication abilities!  But don’t take our word for it, listen to the wise words of Warren Buffett who told students at Columbia Business School that improving their communication competence was the single most important skill they could acquire, and it would increase their capital value by 50%.

Our workforce is large and diverse, who should we target to work with the Professional Communicators?

While it’s natural to see public speaking as the realm of sales and public relations, the truth is that effective communication is equally important to executives, managers, team leaders, and your technical staff.  Just as a high-performance engine is only as powerful as its weakest point, all components of your company need optimized communication abilities for it to fire on all cylinders.

I’ve watched videos and attended group meetings for public speaking, but I haven’t seen the improvement I wanted.  How are the Professional Communicators different?

We know exactly how you feel; reading books and watching YouTube videos certainly didn’t help our golf swing!  And like golf, public speaking is a learned skill.  While there are some universal “rules” to discuss, each client is different and there is no substitute for guided practice and personalized instruction.  That’s why our programs start with an individual assessment of each person we work with, and proceed with personalized practice and immediate feedback.  After a single session we are confident you will see the remarkable difference our programs make.

I have a major presentation in 4 days, is it too late to get help from the Professional Communicators?

Don’t worry, we’ve worked with plenty of procrastinators (and have even been known to do it ourselves from time-to-time).  Of course, we’ve also worked with people whose presentation was sprung on them at the last minute.  Regardless of your situation, the good news is that our clients report great progress after a single session of targeted practice with us.  While it does take time to perfect any skill, tackling the starting slopes of the learning curve results in profound improvement.  Ultimately, it’s never too late to work with us, and we will tailor our program to meet your exact needs and timeframe.

My team is extremely busy. Why should I interrupt their workflow to partner with the Professional Communicators?

Don’t get us wrong, we like the old saying, “make hay while the sun shines” too, but it can be a bit shortsighted.  Taking a moment to update your equipment will make the harvest more efficient, effective, and successful, and that’s exactly what the Professional Communicators can do for you.  
Our customized programs increase the aptitude and capabilities of your people, and these improved abilities bolster team performance, improve client deliverables, enhance positive interactions with your community, and help secure future opportunities.  Ultimately, improved communication is a value-added experience, and our client feedback says as much.  Additionally, our professionally planned, engaging, and results-oriented programs provide your people with an entertaining and rejuvenating break from the routine, and this enhances post-program efficiency.  
Of course we value your time and will administer your program in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  And, if it turns out that your current harvest is so critical it can’t make immediate room for skill acquisition, contact us to get on our schedule for a future date that works better with your schedule.

I am in charge of our corporate professional development day.  Do the Professional Communicators offer workshops or limited-time presentations on public speaking?

While producing world class public speakers takes time, we have programs to introduce core concepts and guide participants through high-energy and entertaining activities to reinforce seminal public speaking skills.  No matter how much time you have, we can help you achieve results.  The only problem with short seminars is that your audience may demand an encore.

Our annual meeting needs an entertaining yet informative component for 90 minutes.  Can the Professional Communicators provide something to fit the bill?

Of course!  From original, engaging presentations that reinforce your themes and initiatives, to captivating mini-sessions that explore the latest in communication trends and strategies, we are delighted to develop personalized content precisely for your event.