The Professional Communicators recently gave our associate lawyers a solid, well thought-through framework for planning and delivering verbal communications. These fellows know their stuff. The assorted tips and tricks scattered throughout their training approach brought additional value to everyone, including the more senior lawyers privileged enough to participate in their sessions. We will undoubtedly be working with The Professional Communicators on some specific future projects where persuasive speaking is critical to success.
— John Eckstein, Director and Attorney, Fairfield and Woods
I host workshops to help organizations improve their financial oversight and planning, with the goal of motivating individuals to change and improve their culture. Prior to coaching from Kurt and Terry I would get maybe 3 audience members following up with me after my speech. Then I hired Kurt and Terry to reshape my presentation. They recommended several small tweaks that had a huge impact. They helped to:

1. make complex ideas more digestible with better organization

2. make financial issues more meaningful with stories

3. create trust with the audience by showing my own vulnerability and telling my own stories

Now at the end of a workshop, attendees react immediately. There are approximately 30 people lining up to talk to me, not 3! It was a dramatic and tangible change. They line up to give me their business cards, ask insightful questions that demonstrate they really listened to my content, and send me emails describing their organization’s challenges and requesting to hire me. Kurt and Terry rock!
— Wade Vagle, CFA, CAIA, Founder, Schools That Last
I’ve known both Kurt and Terry for about 15 years and can personally vouch for what they do. In fact, I still use the tools they taught me in my presentations to clients and their expertise likely accounts for why I have this job in the first place.
— Ben Dezen, VP Business Banking, Denver, CO
Terry and Kurt help you with every element of making an effective presentation from the quality of the script to the delivery of the speech. They build confidence through practical advice and simple steps without compromising your authentic voice.
— Vicki Dansky, Senior Gift Planning Officer, Denver, CO
Loved the course with Kurt and Terry. I am already a confident public speaker yet walked away with new things to focus on to take my skills to the next level. It is a great chance to stop and focus on the areas that make great presentations. Kurt and Terry made it fun, interactive and had great audio /visual examples to make the day dynamic. Highly Recommend...
— Leith El-Hassan, VP of National Accounts, Longmont, CO
In an increasingly competitive and fast changing world, the ability to effectively organize and communicate information is essential to individual and business success. Kurt and Terry helped me to build the skill set necessary to get ahead both personally and professionally.
— Chris Safaya, Investment Analyst, New York, NY
Kurt and Terry’s training is the foundation behind my business communication skills. They taught me how to corral my thoughts into concise chunks, and how to make it all ‘stick’ with my clients.
— Will Miller, Management Consultant, Boston, MA
Working with Kurt and Terry helped me appreciate the power of presenting with confidence and authenticity—key ingredients that continue to help me successfully deliver presentations around the world.
— Neil Joglekar, VP Product & General Manager North America, San Francisco, CA
We were fortunate enough to bring in Terry Rubin of Professional Communicators, Kurt’s business partner. We had sales people, account managers, product managers, marketing people and even engineering managers go through the training. We brought them back because we had some HR people who were giving presentations and wanted that extra training. I have example after example of how effective the training was for the team. The confidence in their presentations, the ability to communicate complex ideas was greatly improved. I would even say that some people saw promotions because they embraced the need to become better communicators and therefore better leaders in general!
— David Chao, Chief Strategy Officer, Denver, CO