Inflection: Color to the Ear

The human brain can perceive over 7 million colors!

This astounding ability allows us to discern important differences between similarly colored objects; it also allows us to perceive a richer, more interesting world. 

But the visual system isn't the only sensory system that can parse out subtle differences between similar stimuli.  Our auditory system also has this exceptional ability, and it's critical to how we perceive the meaning of spoken words.

Public Speaking: A Differentiator in the Start-Up Community

You have painstakingly put your CS or engineering background to work and developed the next new technology to disrupt a billion dollar industry. From a product standpoint, it is a work-of-art, brilliantly conceived, meticulously designed, and with a UX that’s as intuitive as it is sexy. All that’s left is to get it in front of investors, users, and the general public, but unless you have one additional ingredient, the potential of all your hard work is likely to go under-realized.

Connect to Captivate

Begin by appealing to the oldest part of your audience's brain...

You have the most critical, game-changing information on the planet to talk about, but if you don't immediately create a connection with your audience, your message will fall flat.