Betting On Your Business Card?

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Each day, 27,000,000 business cards are printed in the United States at a total annual cost to employers in excess of $790 million dollars.[1]. Factor in the cost of professional design services, and this business expense easily surpasses one billion dollars annually.

No one ever questions this cost. It's a given that you purchase business cards. It's also a given that you pay a graphic artist to design them and a professional printer to produce them. After all, your business card is a physical representation of you and your company, and it needs to create the perfect impression.

Lots of things shape your image in far more meaningful and lasting ways than a piece of double-thick paper with raised ink, and none is more important than the personal interactions your employees have with the outside world. Oddly, however, investment in public speaking, personal presentation, and interpersonal communication techniques isn't as standard as ordering another batch of business cards.

Think about it this way, without investing in the public speaking and personal presentation abilities of your employees, those business cards you paid to produce could actually serve as a reminder of a disjointed, unorganized, and generally negative interaction--the exact opposite of what you want. On the other hand, providing your people with communication coaching helps ensure that they, and not just their cards, are making a positive impression, getting people excited, bolstering your professional image, sharing your vision, and saying the things that set you apart from your competition.

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[1] Statistics Brain Research Institute, May 4, 2017,