Group Services


Whether you’re looking for a half-day primer or a comprehensive multi-day retreat, the Professional Communicators have a public speaking package to equip you and your employees with the knowledge and skills to be world class communicators.  All packages include high-energy activities and guided small-group and one-on-one practice sessions to transform the essentials of great public speaking into a real world skill set. Here are a few services we offer for groups:

Group Services Professional Communicators Speaking Training Denver Colorado

Great presentations don’t happen by accident. This interactive, small-group ½ day seminar that is tailored to each group identifies the essential ingredients of successful public speaking and group communication, and engages the participants in active sessions where they purposefully implement these skills.


Learn the entire public speaking playbook. In this comprehensive 2 day workshop your group will: learn how to assess and approach an audience, explore and execute the central pillars of a captivating and compelling speech, examine common pitfalls that impede effective speaking, learn how storytelling can be an effective and persuasive part of any presentation, explore and implement validated methods of redirecting emotion and anxiety to improve projected confidence and comfort, and work with our experts to apply these techniques to job-related communication projects. Throughout this workshop, participants will be immersed in activities, simulations, videotape sessions with immediate feedback and guided practice sessions to turn theory into second nature.

  • 1-ON-1 COACHING: Participants will receive 1-on-1 coaching sessions as part of this two day workshop. The individual coaching sessions will implement the foundational skills and ideas from the workshop and help implement into a specific work presentation.

Group Services Professional Communicators Speaking Training Denver Colorado

Individual attention produces world class results. Transform the ½ day Professional Presentation Primer into an all-day experience where each participant gets an individual speaking assessment and custom instruction to strengthen their communication abilities.  While not required, participants are encouraged to bring a job-related communication project to their individual instruction session.

Additional Premium follow-up: In addition to your 1-1 Add On, you can have TPC come back to your office a week or two later to work with the workshop participants to really solidify those skills and implement them into their daily communication responsibilities.