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Terry Rubin Professional Communicators Speaking Training Denver Colorado

Terry Rubin

Terry Rubin is a seasoned communication expert who has spent his career helping individuals perfect their message and presentation skills.  Since 2011, Terry has provided independent consulting to a range of individuals and companies looking to elevate their preparation for major presentations, interviews, and other public speaking engagements.

Terry’s experience includes nearly two decades as an award-winning producer with the PBS Newshour.  As a journalist he covered major stories across the globe including the war in Kosovo, Hurricane Katrina, and four Presidential elections. These experiences provided deep insight into what makes a good interview, how to be prepared for video appearances, and yielded essential strategies for successfully presenting in high stakes environments.  Throughout his career, Terry worked with on-air talent to enhance their communication techniques.

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For 17 years, Terry also coached and directed a nationally ranked Speech and Debate program where his students competed in events judged on public speaking, poise, and presentation. Most importantly, they learned valuable skills that led to successful careers in business, law, academia, communications, and marketing.

Terry is a graduate of Indiana University’s College of Arts and Sciences with degrees in Political Science and Telecommunications. He lives in Denver with his wife and son.

Kurt MacDonald Professional Communicators Speaking Training Denver Colorado

Kurt MacDonald

Kurt MacDonald is a lifelong teacher, and he thrives on helping individuals proudly gain new knowledge and skills.  

For over two decades, Kurt was a teacher and mentor in the natural sciences.  His passion, energy, and ability to engage and inspire students earned him the perpetually endowed Kurt D. MacDonald Distinguished Teaching Chair at Kent Denver School.  During his teaching tenure, Kurt also co-founded and directed a nationally-recognized debate program, helping his students succeed on the national tournament stage.  

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Kurt has a long history of public speaking, spanning 25 years of his academic and professional career. He delivered the Most Outstanding Graduate address at the University of Colorado, Boulder, was a commencement speaker at Kent Denver School, was a mainstage presenter at Scholar Search Conference, and an invited speaker at the Summit Advocates for Gifted Education. He presented at IgniteSTEM Columbia, and most recently gave a TEDx talk on finding opportunity in chaos (available here).

Kurt’s undergraduate degree in Psychology and graduate degree in Behavioral Neuroscience also provide a unique window into the physiological processes that underlie speaking, stress, and information transfer. This deep understanding of the brain and body helps guide his approach to the art and science of public speaking.

Kurt currently lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, two daughters, and their adopted greyhound.

Our Mission

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas or putting the finishing touches on your stage presence, The Professional Communicators are here to help. We specialize in communications coaching and media training for individuals and groups.

Our unique focus on both content and delivery allows our clients to genuinely connect with people, powerfully convey their message, and memorably captivate any audience.


Our techniques were refined during our 30+ years of collective experience training individuals for diverse speaking opportunities.

Learn what our synergistic approach to public speaking can do for you. No matter your title, whether CEO, sales executive, entrepreneur, or engineer, we can help you gain confidence, refine your message, improve delivery, and ultimately achieve your communications goals.  Let us bring our track record of success to you!